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Bread of Life Community

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Walk to Emmaus

Bread of Life Community, Kansas

Renewing Christian Disciples. Strengthening Local Churches


  • To help people grow deeper in love with God and others
  • To invigorate leaders in the church to lead with grace and in Christ’s love

Get Involved

Once you’ve experienced a Walk, you can jump in and begin to minister to others through helping at the Walks. There are many ways to minister.

What’s the Walk

Our Purpose

The purpose is to encourage believers to be active in their homes, churches, and communities. It is an experience like none other, one where the attendee, called a Pilgrim, will encounter Christ’s Love and Grace like never before.


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Follow this link to sponsor a Pilgrim by registering them.

Upcoming Walks

The Kansas Bread of Life Community has two sets of Walks each year.

Spring Walks in the Garden City area

Fall Walks in the Wichita area

The Board

The Board is here to serve the community. Follow this link to find information on how to get in touch with us.

Get In Touch

The Crumbs

We publish a newsletter throughout the year. Click on “The Crumbs” link above to take you to the latest Crumbs.